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Abhyasa Yoga is a complete format of a practice with prime focus on fitness and overall wellness. This format caters to all. Beginners or experienced, young or old, men or women, fit or unfit you can always get some great yoga practice done at Abhyasa Yoga.

Services Offered

  1. Group Classes
  2. Personal Classes
  3. Yoga Professional Courses
    • Certification (Beginner)
    • Teacher Training (Advanced)
    • Integrated Training (Beginner + Advanced)

Group Classes

Group sessions are conducted at a community center (Abhyasa Yoga Ameerpet), where people of all ages and backgrounds come together for practice. These sessions are preferred by many as energy of the group is uplifting and encouraging.

Personal Training

Personal training is for those who need undivided attention and tailor made classes. Results are effective and achieved faster as the sessions are one on one with the trainer. These sessions are conducted at the convenience of your home. Personal trainers are seniors and have a training and teaching background with Abhyasa Yoga.

Yoga Instructor Course (Beginner)

This course is conducted on behalf of SVYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. (www.svyasa.org). Upon successful completion, teachers are provided with Certification from the University. Abhyasa Yoga is ‘Affiliated to’ and an ‘Authorized Information Center’ of SVYASA.

Teacher Training Course (Advanced)

This course is for those who want to either deepen their yoga practice or learn the craft of teaching yoga. Upon successful completion of the course, teachers will be able to conduct group and private sessions. This course is a knowledgeable resource with training material formed by senior trainers over the years at Abhyasa Yoga and other Premier Yoga Institutes of the country.

Integrated Training Course (Beginner + Advanced)

Integrated Training Course is the crown jewel of Abhyasa Yoga Institute. It is a combination of Beginners and Advanced Courses, designed mainly to save time forthe students. Also the fee is greatly reduced to benefit the students.

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