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Bhuja means an arm or shoulder. Pida means pain or pressure. In Bhujapidasana, the body is balanced on the hands by resting the back of the knees on the shoulders, hence the name.



  1. Stand in Tadasana. Spread the legs till the feet are about two feet apart.
  2. Stoop forward and bend the knees.
  3. Place the palms on the floor about a foot and a half apart, between the legs.
  4. Rest the back of the thighs on the back of the upper arms. Rest the thighs on the middle of the upper arms between the shoulders and elbows.
  5. While placing the thighs in this position, in the beginning raise the heels from the floor.
  6. Exhale, slowly raise the toes off the floor one by one, balance on the hands and then interlock the feet at the ankles. In the beginning the legs will slip down and there will be difficulty in balancing. To secure the balance, try and place the back of the thighs as high up on the upper arms as you can. The arms will be slightly bent at the elbows. Try and extend the arms as far as you can and raise the head up.
  7. Remain in the balancing position with normal breathing as long as the wrists can bear the weight of the body. Then release the feet by taking the legs back one by one and then rest them on the floor. Lift the hands from the floor and stand up in Tadasana.
  8. Repeat the pose by changing the position of the interlocked ankles. If, at first, the right foot is placed over the left one at the ankle, then while repeating the pose place the left foot over the right one at the ankle.

Effects of Bhujapidasana

By the practice of this Bhujapidasana the hands and the wrists grow strong, as do the abdominal muscles due to contraction of the abdomen. The body will feel light. The minor muscles of the arms will be developed and toned by the practice of this pose, which requires no special apparatus or gymnasiums. The various parts of the body supply the weights and counterweights. All that is needed is strength of will.


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