Group Yoga Class

A Group Yoga Class is a great platform to practice yoga. These classes are fun, vibrant and energy driven. A student in a group yoga class, will be more motivated & regular with the practice since the strength derived from group is generally high. As the motivation is high and live examples of success and failure are readily available, in a group yoga class, the results are achieved faster and efficiently. The prime focus in a group yoga class is on fitness and overall health.

Group Yoga Classes at Abhyasa Yoga

In a group yoga class at Abhyasa Yoga, a student will be trained according to the components of fitness. As a result the students would see improvement in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, agility and coordination on a daily basis. Along with physical fitness, with regular practice over time, a student will experience substantial decrease in the symptoms of stress. Classes at Abhyasa Yoga are a blend of Hatha, Power & Ashtanga (Mysore). This format caters to all, irrespective of their age or fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you are new or an advanced student of yoga, Abhyasa Yoga Format fits everybody. Abhyasa yoga format of practice is nothing fancy as it may sound, the idea is to stick to simple and uncomplicated practices of yoga, apply them the right way in a class, so that the effects of yoga practice are readily seen from day one.


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