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Kandasana – Kanda means a bulbous root, a knot.



  1. Sit on the floor with the legs stretched straight in front. Bend the knees, widen the thighs, bring the feet towards the trunk until the heels are close to the perineum and keep the knees on the floor. The position is similar to Baddha Konasana.
  2. Hold the right foot with the right palm and the left foot with the left palm.
  3. With the help of the hands, draw the feet up towards the trunk, invert the ankles, pull the knees and thighs, and place the heels and the outer sides of the feet against the navel and chest. To start with the feet are likely to slip down. Practise the pose for a few weeks, holding the feet firmly against the chest.
  4. Release the hands, and either stretch the arms straight and rest the back of the hands on the knees or join the palms in front of the chest. Keep the back erect and stay in the pose for about 30 seconds with deep breathing.
  5. Advanced pupils may raise the hands, palms together, above the head. Then try to join the palms behind the back and balance. This is the most difficult part of the asana.
  6. Hold the feet with the hands, lower them to the floor and rest.
  7. As the pelvic and other joints of the legs are rotated it takes a long time to master the pose.

Effects of Kandasana

In Kandasana every muscle below the navel is exercised. The pose cures stiffness in the hip, knee and ankle joints. It restores sexual energy and controls sexual desires. The asana also exercises the Svadhishtana Chakra (the hypo gastric plexus) and the Manipuraka Chakra (the solar plexus), thus helping proper digestion.

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