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Karna means the ear. Pida means pain, discomfort or pressure. Karnapidasana is a variant of Halasana and can be done along with it.



  1. Do Halasana and after completing the time limit for that pose, flex the knees and rest the right knee by the side of the right ear and the left knee by the side of the left.
  2. Both knees should rest on the floor, pressing the ears.
  3. Keep the toes stretched out and join the heels and toes. Rest the hands either on the back of the ribs or interlock the fingers and stretch out the arms as in Halasana.
  4. Remain in this position for half a minute or a minute with normal breathing.

Effects for Karnapidasana

Karnapidasana rests the trunk, heart and legs. The spine is stretched more while bending the knees, and this helps the circulation of blood round the waistline.

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