Malasana II

Malasana II

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Mala means a garland. Malasana II resembles a garland hence the name.

Malasana II


  1. Squat on the haunches with the feet together. The soles and heels should rest completely on the floor. Raise the seat from the floor and balance.
  2. Widen the thighs and knees and move the trunk forward until the armpits extend beyond the knees.
  3. Bend forward and catch the back part of the ankles.
  4. After gripping the ankles, exhale and move the head down to the toes and rest the forehead on them.
  5. Maintain the pose for about a minute breathing normally.
  6. Inhale, raise the head, release the ankle grip and relax on the floor.

Effects of Malasana II

By doing Malasana II the abdominal organs are exercised and gain strength. Ladies suffering from severe pain in the back during the menstrual period will obtain relief in this pose and the back will feel soothed. In these two poses the arms hang from the neck like a garland, hence the name.

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