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Mulabandhasana – Mula means the root, the base, the beginning or the foundation. Bandha means a fetter, bond, or posture.



  1. Sit in Baddha Konasana.
  2. Insert the hands between the thighs and the calves and hold the feet, each with its respective hand.
  3. Join the soles and heels. Raise the heels, keep the toes on the ground and drag the feet near the perineum.
  4. Hold this position and move the hands, so that the palms rest on the back of the hips.
  5. Lift the body off the floor with the help of the hands and move the hips forward, simultaneously turning the feet and the knees to push the heels forward without moving.
  6. Rest the body on the toes and knees and hold the pose from 30 to 6o seconds with deep breathing.
  7. To release the position move the hands in front and bear the weight on them. Lift the trunk, turn the heels and then straighten the legs. While releasing the pose do not put any weight on the legs.

Effects of Mulabandhasana

Mulabandhasana exercises Muladhara Chakra, the prostate gland and gonads. It also has the wonderful effect of controlling excessive sexual desire and helps to save energy. It therefore controls and stills the mind. Baddha Konasana and Mulabandhasana are a great help to people with excessive sexual desire. When this desire is controlled, energy is sublimated and real joy of life is limitless.

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