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Nakra means a crocodile. This posture consists of several dynamic movements resembling those of a crocodile stalking its prey, hence the name.


  1. Lie flat on the floor, face downwards.
  2. Bend the elbows and place the palms by the side of the waist.
  3. Keep the feet about one foot apart. Exhale; raise the whole body a few inches above the floor, balancing it on the palms and the toes. Keep the body stiff as a poker and the knees taut. The body should remain parallel to the floor.
  4. Take a few breaths and with an exhalation lunge the whole body a foot forward, lifting the hands and feet simultaneously off the floor. After going a foot forward, take a few breaths. Then exhale and lunge forward again.
  5. Repeat the forward lunges four or five times. At the end of each lunge, the position of the body should be as described in position 3 above. These movements resemble the lunges made by a crocodile stalking its prey. After each lunge, rest a few seconds taking deep breaths.
  6. Now reverse the movements and with exhalations jump back about a foot at a time until you return to the position from where you started.
  7. Rest the trunk on the floor and relax.


This asana develops powerful wrists, throws off lethargy of the body and fatigue of the brain, rejuvenates the entire body and makes one feel lively and vigorous. Since the movements bring great pressure on the wrists, it is recommended that they be tried gradually, otherwise one is apt to sprain the wrists.