Nauka Sanchalanasana (rowing the boat)

Nauka Sanchalanasana (rowing the boat)


Stage 1

Sit with both legs straight in front of the body. Imagine the action of rowing a boat. Clench the hands as though grasping oars, with the palms facing down. Breathe out and bend forward from the waist as far as is comfortable, straightening the arms. Breathing in, lean back as far as possible, drawing the hands back towards the shoulders. This is one round. The hands should make a complete circular movement in every round, moving up the sides of the legs and trunk. The legs should be kept straight throughout. Practice 5 to 10 rounds. Reverse the direction of the rowing movement as though going in the opposite direction. Practice 5 to 10 times.

Stage 2

In the same sitting position, spread the legs so that the feet are about one meter apart. The legs should remain straight throughout the practice. Repeat the procedure as given in stage 1. First row over the right leg, then the left leg and then over the space between the feet.


Inhale while leaning back. Exhale while bending forward.


On the breath, movement and lower back and pelvic area.


This asana has a positive effect on the pelvis and abdomen and eliminates energy blockages in these areas. It is especially useful for gynecological disorders and postnatal recovery. It also removes constipation.