Parsva Dhanurasana

Parsva Dhanurasana

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Parsva means sideways. In this variation of Dhanurasana, one performs the posture lying on one’s side.


  1. Perform Dhanurasana.
  2. Exhale, roll over to the right side and stretch the legs and chest.
  3. Inhale and come to position 1. Then exhale, and roll over to the left side.
  4. Stay on either side for the same length of time according to your capacity with normal breathing. Inhale, come back to Dhanurasana, release the legs and relax.
  5. In this pose, which is a more strenuous version of the earlier one, the ankles are inclined to slip from the hand grip. Therefore, grip the ankles more firmly.


The sideways roll in this posture massages the abdominal organs by pressing them against the floor.