Parsva Sirshasana

Parsva Sirshasana

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Parsva means side or flank. In Parsva Sirshasana, the trunk and legs are turned sideways on either side while balancing without disturbing the position of the head or hands.

Parsva Sirshasana


  1. From the straight Salamba Sirshasana 1, exhale and move the spine with a twist to the right ; except the head and the hands turn the body sideways.
  2. The legs and navel should face sideways 90 degrees to their original positions as in the illustrations. One should feel the stretch near the region of the floating ribs.
  3. Hold the pose from 20 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.
  4. Exhale; come back to the straight Salamba Sirshasana 1. Take a breath, exhale and repeat the pose on the left side for the same length of time. Exhale and come to the straight position of Salamba Sirshasana 1.

Effects of Parsva Sirshasana

Parsva Sirshasana makes the spine strong and elastic.

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