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There are various techniques in yoga which one can practice to relax the mind and body. Effective relaxation transforms life into an expression of well being.

Most people find it difficult to relax. Just by being able to attain a deep relaxed state of body and mind their lives will change forever. Though relaxation is such a simple thing, it can bring wonderful results.

True relaxation is achieved by release of tension from mind and body for a period of time so that complete rest and revitalization happens.

Our body is programmed naturally to revive itself and the mind by the rest from deep sleep. Due to tension filled lives, many people do not relax even after sleep. They wake up in the morning feeling exhausted mentally and physically. This state of tiredness continues throughout the day. This is a vicious cycle which for some people may be long term, few years or lifetime too. This is the very reason modern man needs to know systematic techniques which induce relaxation.

People who can easily relax are the ones who work efficiently, enjoy their lives, are less dependent on sleep and have better social life. People who can truly relax will be able to focus their physical and mental energies effectively in a direction whenever it is required. Tensions dissipate our energy and attention in erratic ways, whereas relaxation gives us a stronger will power.

It is a common sight in a yoga class that people walk in with tension, stress, worry and unhappiness. But by the end of the session without their knowledge all of the duress evaporates and they transform into calmer and stronger individuals. They walk out of the class with a feeling of lightness, freedom and confidence in themselves.

Systematic relaxation techniques of yoga change our whole attitude towards ourselves and the world. This change may be temporary, it might last only a few hours, but it does leave lasting positive impressions on our mind. With such a relaxed attitude, quality and standard in life becomes better every day.

Whether it is practice of Asana or Pranayama or meditation or any other practice of yoga, thorough relaxation and revitalization of mind and body is guaranteed. Most of these practices are simple, easy to practice on a daily basis and do not take much of our time.

Now that we know how important relaxation and revival is, spend some time daily on a yoga mat either at home or in a yoga class near your home!!

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