Shroni Chakra (hip rotation)

Shroni Chakra (hip rotation)


  1. Sit in the same starting position as for ardha titali asana with the right leg on the left thigh.
  2. Using the muscles of the right arm, rotate the right knee in a circle trying to make the circular movement as large as possible.
  3. The index finger may be pointed out and used as a guide to perfection of the circular movement.
  4. Practice 10 rotations clockwise and then 10 rotations anticlockwise.
  5. Straighten the leg slowly.
  6. Release the knee as described in the note to ardha titali asana.
  7. Repeat with the left leg.


Inhale on the upward movement. Exhale on the downward movement.


On the breathing, mental counting and rotation of the hip joint.