Supra Trivikramasana

Supra Trivikramasana

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Supta means reclining. Trivikrama (Tri = three; vikrama = a step, stride or pace) is a name of Vishnu. Supra Trivikramasana is dedicated to Vamanavatar, the Dwarf Incarnation of Vishnu. This asana is more difficult than Hanumanasana. Here, the pose is performed by lying on the floor on the back, then doing the splits and holding the heel of one foot near the head, while the other heel rests on the floor.

Supta Trivikramasana


  1. Lie fiat on the back on the floor, keeping both legs straight.
  2. Raise the right leg up. Interlock the fingers, stretch the arms and hold the right heel in the cup of the hands.
  3. Exhale, pull the right leg straight down behind the head and place the right big toe on the floor, without letting go of the heel. The inner side of the right calf will touch the right ear and the elbows will be widened slightly. The left leg should remain straight on the floor throughout.
  4. Remain in the pose as long as you conveniently can with normal breathing.
  5. Release the right heel and lower the right leg beside the left one.
  6. Repeat the pose for an equal length of time, now holding the left heel and keeping the right leg on the floor.
  7. After finishing this strenuous pose, rest for a while and relax.

Effects of Supra Trivikramasana

In Supra Trivikramasana, the legs are fully stretched. It prevents and cures hernia. It also lessens sexual desire and thereby stills the mind.


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