Supta Konasana

Supta Konasana

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Supta means lying down and kona an angle. Supta Konasana is a variation of Halasana in which the legs are spread apart.

Supta Konasana


  1. From Karnapidasana, stretch the legs straight and spread the legs as far apart as you can.
  2. Pull the trunk up and tighten the knees.
  3. Hold the right toe with the right hand and the left toe with the left one. Keep the heels up. After gripping the toes, move the dorsal region of the spine still further up and extend the hamstring muscles.
  4. Stay in the pose from 20 to 30 seconds with normal breathing.

Effects of Supta Konasana

Supta Konasana tones the legs and helps to contract the abdominal organs.

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