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Mechanics of tension

Tension finds its root cause in faulty thinking and management of self in relation to other people and to our surroundings. If our way of thinking isn’t in tune with our external environment, it results in conflicts of interest between us and other people.

Tension can be released with few simple changes to one’s internal environment, namely one’s attitude to life and other people. This leads to harmony with the outside world. Peaceful coexistence with people and surroundings without separating oneself is the pathway to removing tension and relaxation.

stress management

Fear, hatred, dislike, jealousy and other vices prevent man from fitting in with his surroundings. These vices accumulate from birth and cause disruption in interaction with others. Most of the time insecurities and fears have past experiences and painful memories as their source, which in turn lead to stress and tension in life.

Physical manifestation of tension

Usually muscles in our body are supplied with a continuous stream of nerve impulses from the brain. This is called muscle tone which is required to keep the muscles healthy and prepared enough if there is a need for immediate action.

Every psychological disturbance, every negative emotional disturbance will lead to confusion in brain. This in turn leads to interference with normal tonic rhythm of the muscles and they are kept in constant state of tension by the brain. Muscles this way are alerted without any need for activity, which leads to exhaustion as the energy is drained from the body.

Further repercussions arise from these unwarranted muscular tensions. To cope with energy drain, all organ systems have to work harder for a prolonged periods of time. This duress might be manageable initially. But over a period of time, health begins to deteriorate to an extent that it manifests as disorders.

Similar to muscular system other systems such as the endocrine system (hormones), digestive system, immune system, etc. gradually lose their efficiency and are thrown off balance. These days the symptoms of deep rooted physical stress and emotional tension are being noticed in kids as young as 10 years of age.

Stress Management

Tension and stress are manageable mind body responses. They need to be addressed on a daily basis which can lead to permanent change in the way we respond to difficult situations. Systematic techniques of yoga which are simple and non-time consuming have been proved to efficiently manage tension and stress. Moreover the tranquil experience gained from the yoga techniques give us a more relaxed outlook towards daily life.

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