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Tittibhasana – Tittibha is an insect like a firefly.



After staying in Dwi Pada Sirshasana for a few seconds, bend the legs at the knees, lower the body to the floor, release the legs from the arms, stretch them straight in front and rest for a few seconds.

Repeat the movements for the same length of time, this time first placing the left leg on the back of the neck and then the right leg on the top of the left one. Finally relax on the floor.

Effects of Tittibhasana

In Tittibhasana the lungs and abdominal muscles are most tightly contracted. The spine is given a full forward stretch and the abdominal organs benefit quickly from the exercise. The effect is the same as that of Yoganidrasana, but in this pose the thighs are stretched more and greater strain is felt on the neck, the sacro lumbar region of the spine and the abdomen.