Vamadevasana I

Vamadevasana I

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Vamadeva is the name of a sage, and also of Siva, the third god of the Hindu Trinity, who is entrusted with the work of destruction. Vamadevasana I is named after the sage.

Vamadevasana I


  1. Sit in Baddha Konasana.
  2. Insert the right hand between the right thigh and calf. Keep the toes of the right foot on the ground, raise the heel and drag the foot near the perineum. Remove the hand and push the heel forward towards the floor, lift the body off the floor, move the right hip forward and put the right knee on the ground. The right foot is now in Mulabandhasana.
  3. Now place the left foot at the root of the right thigh, that is, in Padmasana.
  4. Swing the left arm from the shoulder behind the back and with an exhalation catch the left big toe. With the right hand grip the front of the left foot.
  5. Turn the neck to the right and balance for 30 seconds with deep breathing.
  6. Release the position, come back to Baddha Konasana and repeat the asana on the other side for the same length of time following the technique described above, reading left for right and vice versa.

Effects of Vamadevasana I

Vamadevasana I cures stiffness of the legs and relieves pain. It keeps the genital organs healthy. It also tones the spine and aids digestion.

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