Viranchyasana II

Viranchyasana II

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Virancha or Viranchi is one of the names of Brahma, the Supreme Being, the first deity of the Hindu Trinity, to whom is entrusted the work of creating the world. Viranchyasana II is dedicated to Brahma.

Viranchyasana II


  1. Sit on the floor with the legs stretched straight in front.
  2. Bend the left leg at the knee and move it back. Place the left foot by the hip joint, keep the toes pointing backwards and rest them on the floor. The left leg will now be in Virasana.
  3. Then follow the technique stated above for Viranchyasana I.

Effects of Viranchyasana II

Both Viranchyasana II & Viranchyasana I strengthen the back and the neck while the shoulder movements become freer. The thighs and hamstring muscles are extended fully, the abdominal muscles contract and digestive power increases.

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